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“Working with Todd Smith as our Realtor has to have been one of the best decisions we made during the probate process. 

Grappling with the massive responsibilities of administering my mother’s estate, I was overwhelmed with the thought of emptying, repairing, and selling her house. Todd and his team made it painless: they arranged for a clean-out and an estate sale, with all of the proceeds going into the estate’s account. They organized a team of tradesmen to perform some minor updating and repairs to the home, to get it ready for sale. This included interior as well as exterior projects, and they even supervised on-going maintenance of the landscaping. Then they had professional photos taken, created beautiful marketing materials in print and online, and when the property was finally listed on the MLS it sold in a jiffy. 

My fellow beneficiaries and I could not be more happy with the services we received from our Realtor Todd P Smith.”


“When my parent’s house needed to get sold, we turned to a friend who was a real estate agent and asked her to sell it for us.  The house sat there with practically zero showings for three months.

During that time we received a marketing flyer from ProbateAgentTexas.com and learned about Todd P Smith, a local Realtor and Broker with eXp Realty. We met with him, liked everything he showed us, took the house off the market and turned the listing over to him.

Over the next several weeks he took control of the property, got it cleaned up and fixed up, took a bunch of new photos, and put it back on the market.  We received three offers in the first week and Todd managed the transaction all the way thru to closing. It was a seamless process…but only AFTER we made the right decision to hire Todd.”


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